General Counsel on Demand

Running a business is stressful and costly. Many owners have to make hard decisions on where to spend their dollars. One area that is skipped is legal costs, the thinking being that, if there is a need, that is when the lawyer is called. The problem with that type of thinking is there may be a small issue that, if ignored, will become a big issue, costing many thousands of dollars.

Bovarnick and Associates has a solution for the small business owner—it is called General Counsel on Demand. For a monthly fee of $1,000.00, the company receives unlimited access to the Firm to discuss issues and address many common items, such as reviewing contracts, writing and responding to letters to and from suppliers and customers, and more. There is also a monthly one-hour meeting where you can discuss things that have been going on, which is another way to keep small problems from becoming big problems.

Bovarnick and Associates recognizes that a concern the business owner has is that, every time they call their lawyer, the clock starts and they have to pay. General Counsel on demand seeks to remedy that by encouraging the business owner to call more frequently, rather than less.

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