Today, over 35% of all businesses will be sued, with the average cost of litigation reaching over $100,000 (Fullbright Laworski, LLP)

It is critical for businesses to legally protect themselves, yet many simply cannot afford the hourly rates charged by law firms.

Developed by Rob, Legal Access is an innovative way for businesses to access legal services without financially crippling their businesses with exorbitant legal fees. The program offers businesses a set number of hours that are purchased in advance at discounted hourly rates and used as needed throughout the year. Businesses can select the package and hours that best fit their needs- from 10 to as many hours they wish.

While every one of the Firm’s clients receives superb quality of service, there are certain advantages for clients who utilize Legal Access. Paying for Legal Access is like paying for in-house legal counsel. While the attorneys at Bovarnick and Associates will draft and review contracts and represent your interests in lawsuits regardless of how they retained, a Legal Access client gets an additional bonus. Just like popping your head into your attorney’s office for a quick question, routine phone calls are free. No nickel and diming when you get your bill. Clients who purchase Legal Access are able to use their attorney before a small question turns into a major issue. Legal Access is like hiring your own in-house attorney at a fraction of the cost.


  • Flexibility to use legal services as needed
  • Fewer legal emergencies and costly crises
  • Constant legal preparedness
  • Controlled and budgeted legal costs
  • Increased legal protection for your business


For a flat fee, clients have ongoing access to legal expertise at hourly rates that are less than half the rate charged by large law firms. Legal Access takes care of the paperwork and tracks your time to alert you when you are nearing the end of your hours. At that time, you can renew your package, upgrade to the next level, or if you only need a few additional hours you can choose to be billed at the firm’s normal hourly rates.

The Plans Hours Per hour charges Payment
Minimum 10 $350/hr $3,500 single payment
Basic 25 $335/hr $8,375 or two $4,187.50 payments
Standard 50 $320/hr $16,000 or two $8,000 payments
Optimal 100 $305/hr $30,500 or two $15,250 payments

Additional hourly plans can be customized upon request.
Rates do not include out of pocket legal expenses such as filing fees, messengers,
copies, etc. These are incurred and billed on an individual basis.

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