Legal Costs a Nightmare For You? Not Anymore! Legal Access – Your Prepaid Legal Hours For Less

February 19, 2015by Robert M. Bovarnick

Brown auction gavelYou can’t afford to wait until a crisis emerges to start planning. Did you know a third of all businesses will be sued, at an average cost of over $100,000? Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard for: budget your legal costs now, with Legal Access.

The Legal Access program offered by Bovarnick and Associates gives business owners the opportunity to buy prepaid legal hours at a discounted price. Get the power of in-house legal counsel for a price start-ups and small business owners can afford.

Legal Access allows you to work your legal costs into your company’s budget, so you know the cost ahead of time. Select as many hours as you need. The more hours you buy, the greater the discount.  Rob Bovarnick and Associates are ready to take on whatever challenges you may face. In case something falls out of their realm of specialty, they refer you to carefully selected specialized lawyers. Even then, they oversee your interests and remain by your side, at no additional charge.

Rob Bovarnick knows what it’s like to run a business, and prefers lifelong customers to a quick payday. Legal Access does what’s best for you, even if means less money for them. And routine legal calls, which normally add up quickly, are free as part of Legal Access, and don’t count toward your hours.

With Legal Access, you get flexibility, fewer emergencies, legal costs worked into your company’s budget, and the security of constant legal preparedness, all for a lower price. Legal Access: Pay less now, or pay more later.

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by Robert M. Bovarnick

Rob Bovarnick is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law. Prior to starting his firm, he was Vice Chair of the Bankruptcy Group at a 170 lawyer firm and head of the Creditor’s Rights practice at a 20 lawyer firm. He is the former Chair of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Conference.